Trapani, main City from
the Province of Trapani in Sicily

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Trapani is a province in the autonomous island region of Sicily in Italy. Its capital is the city of Trapani. It has an area of 2,460 sq km, and a total population of 425,121 (2001). There are 24 comunes in the province of Trapani. Besides the capital Trapani, other cities and places of interest in the province include Segesta, Gibellina, Erice, Castelvetrano, Alcamo, Marsala, Mazara del Vallo, Castellammare del Golfo, and Mozia. The nearby island of Pantelleria, and the Aegadian Islands are also administratively a part of Trapani province. The province of Trapani alone produces more wine than the entire regions of Tuscany or Piedmont or such nations as Hungary, Austria or Chile.